• 2022

Milk cure is a multisensorial food experience that presents a modern cleansing and detoxification cure based on the strictly regulated use of milk and its by-products. It is a research project developed in the frame of the Mise en Place residency program at Deli Social in Lausanne from February to May 2022. 

During this residency the designer Laura Haensler carefully researched and revisited the milk cures from the 18th and 19th centuries. In those cures people from all over the world traveled to prestigious spa hotels to follow a strict activity program and milk products-based diet to heal from their hectic metropolitan life. To do so Laura Haensler proposes a 5-course meal inspired by five of the activities and or rules that constituted the original drinking cures in the canton of Appenzell. A map guides the guests through a historical insight of traditional cures in west Switzerland translating all the tools and recipes to introduce a milk cure for the 21st century.

Photos: Isabelle Stauffer